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Stump Grinder Teeth Options

Why Choose Tree-Line?

"I was looking at my manual that came with the machine when I bought it two years ago and Treeline was listed as a supplier so I gave them a call and the girl that was on the phone knew exactly what I was talking about and she let me place my order... thanks for all your help!" -Dave

"Always great customer service!" -Larry

"Your staff member Michele from your Tampa, FL store has been a super great help to us in locating the exact parts that we need and getting the products to us in a very timely manner!! She was very friendly, polite and knowledgeable!! She is a great member of your Tree-Line sales & service team/family!! Thank you very much for your time!!" -Shannon & Andy

NEW Rayco RG27 and RG37!

Tree-Line has a showroom stocked full of arborist climbing equipment from most major manufacturers in the industry. We carry climbing ropes, saddles, lanyards, saws, carabiners, snaps, spikes, and many more items. Most items are always in stock for your convenience.

Tree-Line also has a parts warehouse stocked with many Rayco, Bandit and Greenteeth parts. We have been serving the state of Florida and the US for over 26 years.

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