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Forestry Bucket Trucks

What do you get when you buy your bucket truck from Tree-Line?
  1. You will be purchasing equipment that has been thoroughly gone through and inspected here by our staff with over 75 years of combined experience in the maintenance, repairs and inspection of aerial lifts.

  2. Original equipment manufacturer's are contacted and all equipment bulletins, updates or manufacturer recalls are complied with before unit leaves our shop.

  3. Manufacturer inspection sheet is followed as per factory recommendations and any deficiencies are noted and repaired with quality OEM parts.

  4. All critical components are thoroughtly inspected and life limits of such components are noted and kept on record for future unit inspections.

  5. Units are inspected, repaired, weight tested, dot inspected and AC Dielectric tested here on site at Tree-Line by our qualified and responsible staff.

  6. All units receive a full DOT chassis inspection with repairs noted and completed before unit leaves.

  7. Buyer receives a dual set of Operator's, Parts and Maintenance Manuals for the aerial lift. A Safety Harness & Instructions, Safety Lanyard & Instructions, Copy of ANSI Std. 92.2 - 2001 (Responsibilities of Owner's and User's of Aerial Lifts), and Manufacturer's Operator Safety DVD (if available from manufacturer). Included for your protection and convenience is a bucket cover and dielectric safe bucket liner.

  8. Also included to comply with DOT regulations - You will receive a set of wheel chocks, mounted fire extinguisher, triangular flare kit, and fuse kit. Copy of the DOT inspection included and DOT inspection sticker placed on door of truck.

  9. All trucks receive our inspection stickers showing current aerial lift inspection date, current AC Dielectric test of upper boom, lower boom and bucket liner date, and current DOT inspection date.

We go the extra mile to make sure you are getting the best quality aerial lift that can be provided to you, our valued customer.

**Currently, Tree-Line does not have any Forestry Bucket Trucks for sale.**
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